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If this is not what is filled into the incoming and outgoing server fields, check to see if what is filled in contains the name of your internet service provider (for example, SBCGlobal). If that is the case then your problem may be with your ISP blocking a port that is used to send email. You may contact them or us for a solution. Sep 27, 2013 · – check with your Internet service provider to make sure it doesn’t block the port number that you are using for the outgoing mail server (some providers block port 25 or other ports that may be used by an outgoing / SMTP mail server); – check with your email address provider and make sure your mail server settings are up to date. Feb 22, 2019 · I was then able to send outgoing mail with Outlook so I changed my WLM port setting to 25 and I can now send mail again. The jerks at Cox never even suggested using a different port setting. outgoing mail not working ‎08-08-2017 12:16 PM. Message 1 of 3 (2,629 Views) My outlook is suddenly having issues sending outgoing mail. I use the outgoing.yahoo Previously users would be able to send mail when connected to legacy ports only when connected to a point on the Telus network. For instance, sending mail from my laptop at my brother's place (Shaw) would not work, but if I connected to a friend's (Telus) Wi-Fi network - all the pent-up emails sent.

Within las month, the Outgoing Gmail and AOL mail stops functioning, though incoming is fine. I’ve deleted my emails and repopulated them carefully, using server port 587, SSL encryption. I’ve tried to find out from my VPN, Apple, cell phone provider, WiFi provider support what the problem is, but I …

Oct 28, 2014 · 4. Under “Account Information”, go to “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), and choose “Edit SMTP Server List…” 5. Under the SMTP Server List, remove the SMTP servers that are not working, by clicking the minus sign. 6. Close the SMTP Server List by clicking “OK.” 7. Verify the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) entry is set to “None”. 8. Learn how to switch the setup of the Xfinity Connect email account on your iPhone from POP to IMAP. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

If you have Frontier Business Class High-Speed Internet and have a static IP address, your outgoing email will not be affected. If this has affected you, please change your outgoing mail server to smtp.frontier.com. You might also have to configure your email program to authenticate to our outgoing mail server.

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