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26/09/2016 · One of the PCs on my network lost connection to the other computers and the internet yesterday. All the other PCs were fine. After trying many options to get it reconnected (see the list at the end of this post for the things I tried that didn’t work, just in case one of them works for you), I narrowed the likely culprit down to a faulty network cable or network card. I then called my PC 11/03/2017 · My dvr keeps dropping the internet connection also. I reset modems and the unit and each time it will work fine for a little while and then drop the signal again. Nothing else phones, computers etc. have this problem. I recently found the feature on my direct tv app that allows me to watch programs recorded on my dvr by downloading them. This too will work one day and the next time I try to My modem is Westel 6100G, supplied by Verizon when I signed up for DSL. Firewall is: Windows FIrewall. I can find no information on the router on my computer, so I don't know what it is. I kind of figured it was something with my computer, but thought I would check out the connection first.