Re: N900 resets connection to browser when I try t

Router Soft Resets Itself - NETGEAR Communities The basic problem is, is that the router will soft reset itself kind of like if you powered it off and turned it back on where all the lights on it will go off and then turn orange and it will proceed to then go through its normal steps of powering back on. My router keeps rebooting itself, what can I do? - NETGEAR Aug 30, 2018 How do I perform a factory reset on my NETGEAR router Jun 19, 2020 Router reset itself - NETGEAR Communities

My router keeps turning itself off and resetting itself around every hour. I run a network diagnostic and it tells me that my internet connection between my modem and the internet is broken.

Router resets itself when wired - NETGEAR Communities Router resets itself when wired connection is active. Router resets itself only when the wired connection is active, if my PC is off or not connected the router will stay on and connected to all wifi devices. There are no other wired devices plugged in.

Power cycle, factory reset the router many times. None works. Passed the Costco 90-days return window and this infuriating 90-days complimentary Netgear warranty window. Most of home electronics come with at least one year warranty. That's ridiculous to pay for another $139.99 for a year warranty when appearently this is a product defect.

I meant, "I have reset the router with the router turned on and holding the reset button for more than 30 seconds." When I initially noticed the problem, I first just pressed and released the reset button. This rebooted the router but kept my initial setup. I then did the factory reset reboot mentioned above. This reset the setup back to Netgear30.