Drupal’s Content menu allows you to create and manage content. To quickly create new Drupal content, log in to your Drupal site as the administrator and click the Add Content link. To manage your Drupal site’s content, click Content on the Dashboard menu bar. The …

menu_disable_item: Menu callback; hide a menu item. menu_edit_item: Menu callback; dispatch to the appropriate menu item edit function. menu_edit_item_form: Present the menu item editing form. menu_edit_item_save: Save changes to a menu item into the database. menu_edit_item_validate: Confirm that an edited menu item has fields properly filled in. menu_get_item | menu.inc | Drupal 5.x | Drupal API menu_confirm_disable_item in modules/ menu/ menu.module Menu callback; hide a menu item. menu_get_active_breadcrumb in includes/ menu.inc Returns an array of rendered menu items in the active breadcrumb trail. menu_get_active_nontask_item in includes/ menu.inc Returns the ID of the current menu item or, if the current item is a local task, the Drupal programmatically adding an item to a menu - Stack Since Drupal hides menu items that users doesn't have access to, you could under certain circumstances deny permission to hide the menu item. This is a bit hackish solution. Another solution which I would prefer, would be to use js or css to hide or show the menu.

Once you install the Menu Per Role module, you can control individual menu items to hide or show them based on the user's role. So for your case, use the "Hide menu item from selected roles:" setting on the "Join Club" menu item to hide it from users with the "In the Club" role.

A router item is an associative array corresponding to one row in the menu_router table. The value corresponding to the key 'map' holds the loaded objects. The value corresponding to the key 'access' is TRUE if the current user can access this page. Menu callback; Build the menu link editing form. 1 string reference to 'menu_edit_item' menu_menu in modules/ menu/ menu.module Implementation of hook_menu().

Setting Menu Options for a Drupal Basic Page - dummies

In order to use the same callback function the menu item in Drupal can define default arguments that will be passed to the callback function. And the callback can have its normal code which would Double filter issues : drupal